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What exactly is a virtual assistant?

Empire Collective Consulting is proud to offer virtual assistant services to help create solutions to your small business needs.

Virtual assistant services are provided remotely and can be adjusted to fit your needs and business goals. We offer flexible pricing options with both monthly retainer and project-rate services.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a more cost-effective solution for small business owners looking to balance their workload on a consistent basis. For many of our clients, utilizing virtual assistant services often clears their calendar for more important tasks or more work-life balance. Virtual assistant services can be integrated into other Empire Collective Consulting services, such as other copywriting and public relations, for a comprehensive experience.

Administrative Services

We offer a number of administrative services to help small business owners win back their time to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Data entry

  • Calendar management

  • Email management

  • Microsoft Office Suite support

  • Analytics and report preparation

  • Database creation and management

  • Research

Community Management

Our community management services grow and manage community engagement on your website and social media channels.

  • Email marketing management

  • Content calendar

  • Social media community engagement

  • Social media planning and scheduling

  • Website and social media analytics

Event Planning

We love to plan a good party or brand event! We work collaboratively with our clients to help bring your event visions to life. This service is limited to our Alberta clients only.

  • Event logistics

  • Guest list management

  • Event planning and scheduling

Customer Service

Our customer service solutions help to manage interactions with your valued customers. We take great pride in being an extension of your brand.

  • Managing Google reviews

  • Business inquiries via website or social media

  • Order tracking and fulfilment

Want to learn more about how Empire Collective Consulting’s virtual assistant services can help you manage your small business? We are currently offering a FREE virtual consultation for all new clients. Contact us today!

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